From the beginning of civilization man has sought ways to make his food taste better. The discovery of salt created the first communities and the spice trade facilitated the exchange of culture and ideas around the world. From mustards and dressings to chutneys and salsas, condiments reflect humanity in all its wonderful diversity. We are condiments and condiments are us, enjoy!
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Tajin Fruit Seasoning

imageAlthough currently hyped as a diet aide, its real popularity in El Norte is as an ingredient in Micheladas. One would hope that gabachos would sprinkle some on fruit instead of wasting it in beer. Tajin first commercialized “powdered salsa” in 1985, recognizing an emerging Mexican middle class that would buy a product that in the past was put together on the fly. Tajin has a large global footprint after rebranding in 2001 but ground zero is still the local Mexican fruit stand or taqueria. Seek and you shall find.

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